Should WTTG Reporter Be Fired or Promoted? Depends on Which Petition You Signed

By Kevin Eck 

Recently, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence gave WTTG GM Patrick Paolini a petition with 6,300 signatures demanding the FOX owned station fire chief investigative reporter Emily Miller.

Miller has made news for publicly advocating for gun ownership. Her stance is no mystery to WTTG, which hired her after she wrote the book “Emily Gets Her Gun … But Obama Wants to Take Yours” which details her journey to get a gun permit in the District. Some, however, question the ethics of having an avowed advocate of anything as an investigative reporter.

After hearing the news about the CSGV petition dated March 24, TVSpy checked where we found a petition asking Paolini to keep Miller. The petition says, “if you have to do anything, give her a promotion and a raise!” The “Don’t Fire Emily Miller” petition has over 3,000 supporters.

From its website, CSGV says Miller is “A woman who has made a career out of publicly attacking the democratically-enacted gun laws of the District of Columbia and Maryland has no business serving as the “chief investigative reporter” of a television station covering the region’s affairs.’

The sites says in part, “It’s frightening that someone could be fired for having an opinion; it’s also outright proof that anti-gun activists are not only going after the 2nd Amendment but will gleefully attempt to crush the 1st Amendment rights of people with whom they disagree by threatening their very employment.”

FOX declined to comment on the petitions.