Shepard Smith Rips Detroit’s Schools

By Andrew Gauthier 


A comment from Fox News anchor Shepard Smith about Detroit Public Schools’ recent test scores is at the head of the classroom of controversy.

Smith, during a live broadcast of “Studio B” Thursday, was talking about Detroit’s failing schools with school board member Tyrone Winfrey and Sharlonda Buckman of the Detroit Parent Network when he made the comment.

“To hear that 69 percent of the kids that took the test scored as if they just guessed on every one. And you’re talking about adequeate…adeqaute advancement, I don’t care. If my kid were in Detroit I’d try to burn the place down,” Smith said, before later explaining that he meant the comment figuratively.

Smith’s statement was in response to the recently-revealed statistic that 69 percent of Detroit school kids in 4th grade scored at the “below basic” level on a national test.

“I really think that was bad,” said Winfrey. “We’re not going to burn down Detroit, we’re going to stand together,” he told WJBK-TV, Detroit’s local Fox affiliate. More…