Sacramento Anchor Makes Quick Escape After Sharks Video Blooper

By Kevin Eck 

Sacramento’s local ABC affiliate discovered the hazards of having two shark-related segments in the same newscast last week.

KXTV anchor Lina Washington was covering the NHL game between the San Jose Sharks and the Las Vegas Golden Knights when her sports segment included B-roll of a group of swimming sharks (known, oddly enough, as a shiver) instead.

“This is … not the sharks that we’re talking about!” Washington said as she realized the goof.


“For my newsies, here’s how this happened: we had a story slugged ‘LOTS OF SHARKS!!!’ earlier in the newscast and the editor was asked to link THIS video to THAT story,” Washington explained. “But instead they sent it to my “SHARKS GOLDEN KNIGHTS” VO, overwriting the #SJSharks highlights I cut.