Septuagenarian Rupert Murdoch Welcomes a Fight

By Andrew Gauthier 

New York Magazine

On Saturday, January 9, Rupert Murdoch was on his Boeing 737 returning to New York from a business trip to Los Angeles when he learned that the New York Times had just posted a long profile of Fox News chief Roger Ailes on its website, one that he knew was going to cause a giant headache.

Earlier that morning, Murdochs son-in-law Matthew Freud, the London PR executive who’s married to his daughter Elisabeth, had sent an e-mail to Murdoch’s BlackBerry (Murdoch only recently began using e-mail himself). “I’ve given a quote to the New York Times, and youre probably not going to like it,” Freud wrote.

The quote lived up to its advance billing–and quite a bit more. More…