School District Cop Fails to Kick Houston Reporter Out of Meeting

By Kevin Eck 

KRIV reporter Katie McCall stood her ground after being told several times by a Houston Independent School District police officer she had to leave a school district meeting.

The FOX owned station has been following a story about a Houston principal accused of grade fixing.

KRIV says McCall started asking parents about the scandal when an HISD cop told the crew to leave. McCall stood her ground, telling the cop “We have a free press in this country.”


She also posted video of the confrontation to her facebook page.

When a commenter on McCall’s facebook page asked if she followed “proper protocol” by letting the HISD media department know she was coming, McCall replied “We did so. That was a courtesy. It is a PUBLIC meeting, so anyone is free to attend. HISD said ‘yes,’ initially, then when I arrived, I was approached by this officer, and told they had changed their answer to ‘no.’ They didn’t want us there because the principal is now under investigation for alleged grade fixing. I think it’s my job not to walk away from that.”

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