San Antonio Reporter Takes Work From Home to Next Level

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Photos of anchors sitting six feet apart on the desk and producers spreading out in the newsroom have started to surface across social media.

But this photo from KENS 5 MMJ Jeremy Baker caught our eye. The Tegna station in San Antonio, like other stations across the country, has many reporters working remotely. Baker took it beyond simply using a laptop and mobile editing system.

“We take coronavirus seriously. So because social distancing is extremely important many of us are being asked to work remotely. No problem! Welcome to my home/studio,” said Baker.


Baker set up a green screen, camera and light to do hits from home until everyone is allowed back in the studio.

His creativity got some positive feedback from co-workers including weatherman Bill Taylor.

“I’m coming over to do the weather,” he said.

It’s unclear how long the social distancing mandate will last.