RTDNA Study Shows Diversity in Newsrooms Up, Lags in Radio

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Diversity in newsrooms is at an all time high.

A recent RTDNA-Hofstra study showed the percentage of people of color in newsrooms has surpassed a record previously set in 2001.

“Everybody wins in today’s newsroom culture: News organizations are better able to report on issues of diversity because they, themselves, are more diverse. This paradigm has not come about quickly enough, but it has come about, and continues to do so – that is a very positive development,” said RTDNA executive director Dan Shelley.

The Newsroom Diversity report shows at least 95 precent of newsrooms in top 50 markets have one person of color. 
While it’s positive news for the TV industry, radio news has not made the same strides. Diversity is up from its low in 2010 but down from the high 22 years ago.

The report also assesses gender diversity in newsrooms, showing fewer women in radio than last year, but an increase in women news directors over the past year.