Reporter Who Covered Steven Avery Murder Trial to Work at KGTV

By Kevin Eck 

Diana Alvear has been hired as a freelance reporter by San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV.

Alvear last worked for NBC News in its Los Angeles bureau. Before that, she was an LA-based correspondent for ABC NewsOne.

A KGTV spokesperson told TVSpy, “We’re extremely pleased to welcome her to the 10News team.”

While working as a reporter for WGBA in Green Bay, Wis., Alvear worked on the Steven Avery murder case featured in the Netflix series Making a Murderer. She talked about the case in Episode 2 of that series and wrote about it on Medium.

I interviewed Steven Avery shortly after he was named as one of the last people to have seen Teresa alive. We stood in the darkness next to the red van that she’d been hired to photograph for Auto Trader magazine. He calmly answered my questions, even the one about whether he’d been asked to take a polygraph test. It was a pretty uneventful interview. It was only after documents were filed in the case that I learned I’d been standing on her remains as we conducted our interview.