Reporter Reminds Miami Heat Fan to Wear Mask—Then Wishes She Hadn’t

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Covid-19 or not, live interviews can sometimes be a gamble. For WPLG reporter Liane Morejon, she had to make a decision on the fly.

The Miami reporter was interviewing fans Sunday during a celebration after the Miami Heat won its playoffs matchup against the Boston Celtics, securing a spot in the NBA Finals. Her on-camera subject was wearing a mask, but it was below his chin.

“It’s a little different this year, everyone’s got masks, huh?” Morejon asked the man, tugging on her own mask and gesturing to his.


“Yep,” the man responded as he pulled his own mask up, revealing that his mask was printed to read “Fuck Trump.” Morejon quickly pulled it back down below his chin and apologized for the profanity. “Gotta keep it clean on TV!” Morejon said on Twitter afterward.

The clip has since gone viral. You can see it below.