Report: YouTube, Hulu Double Viewer Traffic

By Andrew Gauthier 


A new research study has noted a new trend: less TV and media downloading and more real-time Internet use.

Sandvine, the Ontario, Canada-based broadband network company, says real-time entertainment — from the likes of YouTube and — has almost doubled its share of total Internet traffic to 26.6% in 2009, from 12.6% in 2008.

Overall, the study says almost two-thirds of all Internet traffic is now consumed as it arrives.

At the same time, the study says peer-to-peer file-sharing declined by 25% as a share of total traffic, having dropped to 20.4% of total traffic. It also says storage and back-up services continue to grow as an alternative to peer-to-peer services.

TV’s prime time is when real-time entertainment and Web browsing are at their highest levels, with both getting huge per-subscriber increases in bandwidth demand — rising by almost 35% and 26%, respectively, over other dayparts. More…