Rams a Bigger Draw in Old Market Than New

By Kevin Eck 

It seems Los Angeles viewers aren’t warming up to its newest NFL team.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a larger percentage of St. Louis market viewers watched their former team than those in its new hometown of Los Angeles.

Nielsen, which tracks viewership, reports that 10.6 percent of homes with a TV in St. Louis tuned in to see the Rams trudge to a 24-3 loss Thursday night to Seattle in their most recent contest. The figure in LA was 10.2. (The game was shown on NBC and NFL Network in both markets, and the ratings cited are the combined numbers for those outlets.)

The Post-Dispatch reports the Rams viewership is down overall. Last year, the team averaged a 17, even with the rumors of a relocation.

In raw numbers more people are watching Rams telecasts in LA than in St. Louis because of the vast difference in population (a ratings point represents approximately 522,000 homes in Los Angeles, roughly 12,200 in St. Louis). But the rating measures market share in order to present a much more apples-to-apples comparison.