Raleigh Reporter Leaving Station, Says 2020 Has Been ‘Revolutionary’

By Kevin Eck 

WTVD anchor Julie Wilson told viewers of the station’s Sunday morning newscast that today would be her last on-air appearance.

“Friends- a bit of personal news for me,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “This is my final week with ABC11. 2020 has brought about pain, stress, and grief for so many, but for myself it has been revolutionary and has allowed my time to assess the direction I am going in this life. For those of you who have followed my recent journeys, I thank you. For those who are curious, I am entering the world of entrepreneurship morphing to a travel journalist- documenting the beauty of what’s around us and sharing positivity along the way.”

Wilson started working at the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., ABC-owned station in 2017. She anchors on Sunday morning and is a breaking news anchor Monday through Thursday.


Before working at WTVD, Wilson was a multi-media journalist at KRBK in Springfield, Mo.