Radio Host Who Offended KTLA Anchor Says Feminism ‘War Against Human Nature’

By Kevin Eck 

The radio host who said he could see a KTLA anchor’s thong under her white dress last Saturday is doubling down.

Earlier this week, Matt Alan wrote on his Facebook page he could see Kacey Montoya‘s black thong under the white dress she was wearing on the Los Angeles CW affiliate.

Wednesday, Alan wrote, “Let’s DISTILL THIS DOWN, Shall we? Kacey Montoya is fairly attractive with a reasonably nice body. That dress is hot. Few women can pull off wearing white. (Lori Downey Jr can more than pull it off) Feminism wants us to ignore sexuality while women parade around in skimpy, revealing clothes. Or just clothes that accentuate body parts. Are we supposed to ignore that and say, ‘Hey! Nice shoes!’ Feminism is a war against human nature. Sorry ladies… we notice you. We also know you notice us and we know you notice us noticing you.”

Montoya responded to Alan’s initial Facebook post about her by calling him a pig. She also said “Is this what single men who live in their mother’s basements discuss on their podcasts these days???” Montoya didn’t respond to his latest opinions.