Questions Linger Over WKBW Veteran Meteorologist’s New Schedule and Title

By Kevin Eck 

After 30 years with Buffalo, NY, ABC affiliate WKBW, Mike Randall will soon see his hours reduced after seeing his title change to “senior” meteorologist from its former “chief” status.

But is he being pushed out the door, as some media outlets like NewBlues, FTVLive and The Buffalo News are speculating, or is Randall simply easing into retirement after a long and successful career?

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Mike Nurse WKBW general manager told TVSpy Randall recently signed a new long-term contract, “At the end of the day – I believe all sides are satisfied with the outcome. We built our future while preserving our past – Mike got a long term deal and he got a less demanding schedule that allows him to pursue his other theatrical ventures while still having a big presence on our new AM show (Good Morning).”

Along with his weather duties, Randall also stars in a one-man show called “Mark Twain Live” and told TVSpy he has been performing as the quotable American icon since 1972.

And the future Nurse was talking about? He named Aaron Mentkowksi chief meteorologist. While he told TVSpy he won’t discuss personnel matters, Nurse was transparent when it came to his reasons for making Mentkowski the chief, “My goal in making Aaron Mentkowksi Chief Meteorologist is simple – Aaron is on the 5/6/11p newscasts, teaches at the University level and is very sharp with today’s computer systems. Thus, he can more readily handle our look and feel and maximizing our Accuweather system.”

According to Alan Pergamet media writer for The Buffalo News, Randall is younger than WIVB chief meteorologist Don Paul and WGRZ‘s chief Kevin O’Connell.

One truth remains though, while Randall told TVSpy his reduced schedule allows him time for his “other endeavors,” and Nurse said the new contract was for a longer term than he had planned to offer, outsiders will continue to speculate that Randall is being pushed out the door after a long career.