Quad Cities Anchor Will Hang Up Mic in July After 33 Years

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

She came to the Quad Cities 33 years ago for a first job in TV and never left.

Today WQAD investigative reporter and anchor Chris Minor announced she will be retiring from the station in July.

In wake of the news, Minor penned a note to viewers about her departure and some of the reasons behind her decision to step away from the newsroom.

Hanging up my microphone is going to be a challenge. My profession is such a huge part of me, in some ways, it defines me. I’m the NEWS LADY. You tell me that all the time in the grocery store, or when I’m out and about. Generations now, have called me the NEWS LADY.

But, I need a break. I want to explore life outside of a newsroom and investigate my own meaning and place in this world, and write new chapters about my own life. Before, it’s too late.

In March, my beloved nephew Ryan died. Suddenly. Without warning. He was 12-years-old, and an amazing child. He was such a bright light, and I loved that boy with all my heart. Our whole family did. I was pondering the possibility of retirement before Ry, but losing him has just reinforced how precious and unpredictable this wonderful gift called life is. And, quite frankly, right now, some stories that I would have to report, seem a bit insignificant in the scheme of things.

Minor said she will go on vacation starting next week. She will then return for two weeks and take a look back at her three decades at the station.