Public Takes Jabs at Disgraced Las Vegas Anchor

By Andrew Gauthier 

Las Vegas Sun

The “NINA LIES” signs came down quickly. What won’t be cleaned up by highway crews, however, is a Web site launched last week:

Enter that Internet address in your browser and you’re instantly directed to the Wikipedia page on journalism ethics and standards–a caustic poke at KTNV-TV, Channel 13’s Nina Radetich.


The news anchor was embroiled in controversy last month when a recording was released of her offering the subject of an upcoming station expose media consulting services by her boyfriend. Radetich’s boss called her actions a lapse in judgment, while media observers (and local readers) were more cutting.

Meanwhile, the woman Radetich was recorded talking to–TireWorks owner Roshie Weightman–seized the opportunity to tell local media she thought Radetich was attempting to extort her.

There’s no shortage of people one might imagine buying for mischief’s sake–TireWorks employees, disgruntled KTNV employees embarrassed by their station’s fallen star, staff at competing TV stations, or some bored comedian.

But the site’s actual registrant, Chris Dyer, is sort of a wild card. More…