Poll: TV News Still Main Source of News

By Kevin Eck 

A recent Gallup poll shows more Americans continue to turn on their TV sets instead of their computers to get their news fix.

The poll shows 55% of those polled say TV News is their main source of news about current events compared to 21% who rely on the internet.

While no specific outlet shows a dominant reach, only 4% of the 2,048 nationwide adults polled name local news as their primary source of info for current events.


A couple of trends to note: The percentage of Americans polled who say TV news is their main source of current events drops as education level rises and rises as employment level drops. According to Gallup, Americans with a High School education or less watch more TV news (61%) than those with post-graduate degrees (43%). And those who are employed full or part-time watch less TV news (49%) than those who are not currently working (63%).

You can read the results on Gallup’s website. Click here to view.