Pittsburgh Telecomm Company Ready for G-20 Summit

By Andrew Gauthier 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

With the world’s TV networks descending on Pittsburgh for the G-20, the Pittsburgh Videotech Center will help distribute some of their reports around the globe. The company, part of Pittsburgh International Telecommunications, has had studios in Downtown Pittsburgh for 14 years. A satellite farm in Plum, made up of 47 satellite dishes, provides video uplinks.

When a cable news network wants an interview with famed medical examiner Dr. Cyril Wecht or PNC Bank chief economist Stuart Hoffman, they often arrange to have them use one of two Pittsburgh Videotech Studios. The studios have Pittsburgh backdrops (day and night) or can have any image projected behind an interview subject. This week the company will open a permanent satellite studio at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business.

“The networks really like the talent that comes from here,” said Missy Gralish, director of business development. “They come off as credible and trustworthy.”