Pittsburgh Anchor Recovers From Coronavirus, Returns to Work

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Good news out of Pittsburgh: WPXI anchor Ryan Houston has received a clean bill of health after testing positive for COVID-19 and can go back to work.

In a video he posted on social media, Houston says it took three weeks from his initial test to recover, but he’s lucky to feel better.

“Let’s keep our grocery store workers in our prayers, healthcare workers, first responders; we all need it right now,” he said.


Houston encouraged viewers to heed warnings and stay inside, but to also recognize that more people are recovering from COVID-19 than dying from it.

“Sometimes we need to find that good news and hold onto it,” he said.

Houston anchored the 5, 6 and 11 p.m. shows for the first time after contracting the virus on April 4.