Philadelphia Stations Cover Storm from All Angles

By Andrew Gauthier 

Philadelphia Inquirer

We were all in this windy, whitish mess together, and Philadelphia’s local TV news operations dove into the new technology and did a splendid job yesterday morning of telling that story. It was one of local TV’s finest hours, perhaps the best news work since the MOVE disaster of 1985.

Led by CBS3, which went new-tech crazy for Saturday’s storm and kept it up yesterday, all four major stations hit news-reporting high points as they threw the kitchen sink at the big storm: big-antenna video trucks, Skype, Facebook, cell-phone video, traffic cams; creaky, old-fashioned e-mail photos; and some homegrown things so complicated only a 13-year-old could understand them.


Wait. There was a 13-year-old, Will in Malvern, broadcasting live from his backyard on Fox29, mumbling something about how he had hooked up his regular camera to his laptop and was streaming out, “like mini-TV . . . you can just broadcast.”

“You are brilliant,” said anchor Sheinelle Jones. More…