Philadelphia Police Investigating How WTXF Obtained Evidence in House of Horrors Case

By Andrew Gauthier 

Philadelphia police are reportedly investigating how WTXF obtained ID cards belonging to one of the people arrested in the so-called House of Horrors case.

The Fox O&O has been in possession of ID cards belonging to Jean McIntosh, the daughter of alleged ringleader Linda Weston. The cards show that McIntosh worked as a care aid in at least one assisted living facility, perhaps providing insight into how Weston targeted her victims.

According to The Gossip with Marnie Hall, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has been considering whether or not to convene a grand jury to investigate how WTXF obtained what apparently should have been police evidence.

Law enforcement sources tell Hall that WTXF reporter Claudia Gomez obtained the ID cards from the crime scene. The station handed the cards over to the police last week but a grand jury investigation still appears to be pending.

Last week WTXF aired a series of stories focusing on the ID cards. In one that aired on October 20th, reporter Chris O’Connell explained that the landlord of the building where four mentally disabled adults were found had given the ID cards to WTXF.

“Fox 29 was given these badges by the landlord of the infamous Long Shore Avenue house after police had left the seen with bags of evidence,” O’Connell said. “Police now want to know how he got the badges in the first place. Fox 29 has offered to hand over to police what they now call evidence.”

Police invited local news crews to tour the building last Monday. It’s possible that Gomez interacted with the landlord then.