Pew Research Center Finds Americans Still Want Local News

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

In the digital age of news consumption, Americans still want their information to come from their local news station.

This is according to a Pew Research Center study that was released today. Of the 34,897 U.S. adults surveyed from Oct. 15-Nov. 8, 2018, 41 percent of Americans prefer getting their local news via TV and 37 percent prefer it online. That outpaces those who a newspaper or the radio (13 percent and 8 percent, respectively).

The study looked at a number of areas including what American like to watch. And overwhelming number said they had a wide range of interests but couldn’t live without the weather.


You can also get a glimpse of what people in your area like, including which news outlet people prefer to watch.

But perhaps the most shocking part of the study was that American believe local news is doing well financially. 71 percent of Americans believe news stations are doing well and 14 percent of those surveyed say they won’t pay extra for content.

You can see the entire study here.