Pennsylvania Anchor’s Pajama-Clad Son Wanders Into Morning Report

By Kelsey Sutton 

ABC 27 News viewers may have spotted an unexpected visitor in the background of a morning report when an anchor-reporter’s son video-bombed her work-from-home setup.

Janel Knight, the weekend evening anchor and weekday morning reporter for the Harrisburg, Pa. ABC affiliate WHTM, seamlessly tried to block the appearance of her son Joseph, who came down the stairs of her home wearing pajamas and curiously peered over her shoulder into Knight’s downstairs camera set-up.

While Knight went on with her report for ABC27 News Daybreak seemingly undeterred, she admitted that her son had broken the rules about coming downstairs when her co-anchors asked her about it later in the broadcast.


“I saw him there and I tried to block him,” Knight said. “He’s still in his pajamas and is here watching. But he’s not supposed to come down. He’s supposed to stay in his room until 7! Well, it didn’t happen today.”

Knight, who joined the station in July 2011, shared a video of the incident on her Twitter feed, and on Thursday, she thanked viewers for laughing along.

“Thanks for all the tweets about my son’s appearance yesterday,” she said. “He loves that everyone thinks he is funny.”

In addition to Joseph, Knight has two other children: twins who were born in April 2020.