Parents of Man Found Dead in Bathtub Sue Former KARK Meteorologist Brett Cummins

By Merrill Knox 

The parents of Dexter Williams, the 24-year old man who was found dead in a bathtub next to former KARK meteorologist Brett Cummins (pictured) last year, have filed a lawsuit claiming Cummins and two other men failed to prevent their son’s death.

Cummins was with Williams the night of his death in September 2011. The pair were at a house in Little Rock on the night of Williams’ death, reportedly drinking and using illegal drugs. Cummins woke up in the bathtub with Williams dead next to him the following morning.

Prosecutors have said they will not file charges in Williams’ death, which was ruled by the state crime lab to have been caused by asphyxia. Williams’ parents, however, are pursuing a lawsuit, the Associated Press reports:

The lawsuit from Williams’ parents, Ed and Carol Williams, claims that Cummins and another man, Christopher Barbour, left Williams in the hot tub after Barbour saw something was wrong with him. The suit said neither Cummins nor Barbour made any attempt to resuscitate Williams or check him for signs of┬álife.

Cummins, who has long maintained his innocence, resigned from KARK after the incident. Cummins’ attorney told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that his client “regrets the young man’s death, but he doesn’t believe he had any part in causing or contributing to his┬ádeath.”

[h/t NewsBlues]