Parents of Alison Parker ‘On a Mission’ to Change Gun Laws

By Kevin Eck 

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Six months ago, WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were killed after a gunman opened fire while the two were doing a live shot for the Roanoke, Va., CBS affiliate.

Now, Alison’s parents, Andy and Barbara, tell CBS Sunday Morning they’re on a mission to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’re on a mission,” Andy Parker told Erin Moriarty in an interview set to air this Sunday. “I don’t think it’s quixotic. And I don’t think we’re going to fail.”

The man who killed Ward and Parker bought his gun legally after passing a background check. Parker’s parents want tougher background checks for gun purchases.

“We’ve seen this become a national conversation,” said Barbara Parker. “Whereas, even a couple of years ago, no one would talk about it. But now people are all discussing it, and telling us, ‘What you’re doing is important.’”