Oprah Sues Over False Endorsement of Health Supplements

By Andrew Gauthier 

Chicago Tribune

Alleging Internet marketers are using her name without permission, Oprah Winfrey–through her corporate vehicle, Harpo Inc.–on Wednesday filed a federal trademark-infringement suit against 40 peddlers of dietary supplements.

And the talk-show star–or at least her people–aided an investigation by Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan that led to three lawsuits against makers and marketers of dietary supplements made from acai berries.


Winfrey’s show features segments about foods or products that can lead to better health, and they often include appearances by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Last year, Oz praised the anti-aging properties of the acai berry.

Not long after, Internet marketers began to sell acai products with implications that they had been endorsed by Winfrey or Oz, said Marc Rachman, an attorney for Harpo. More…