Online Protest Stops Murderer Interview That Never Was

By Andrew Gauthier 

Pioneer Press

It was a protest that never happened outside the Internet for a story that was never going to be on television.

An NBC affiliate in Duluth aired promotional ads over the weekend for an exclusive interview with Donald Blom, the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering a young Moose Lake woman 10 years ago.

In the ad, audio of Blom professing his innocence accompanied an image of the victim, Katie Poirier. The ad, aired several times on KBJR-TV, touched a nerve with viewers, and one of them even started a page on the social networking site Facebook to boycott the segment.

“We will not support Channel 6 News or Any of their Advertisers if they air the interview With Donald Blom. Leave Katie’s family be! This is wrong and we will not stand for this!” wrote Molly Anton, a 27-year-old mother of one, when she started the page Monday.

Airing the interview “would have no value,” the Carlton resident said Wednesday as her page gained more than 1,220 supporters. “He had his day in court. I don’t feel he has a right to anything anymore.” More…