Oklahoma City Station Plans to Move Downtown

By Kevin Eck 

KWTV owner Griffin Communications has unveiled plans to move both the Oklahoma City CBS affiliate’s studios and its headquarters to downtown Oklahoma City.

“Downtown is the heart and soul of Oklahoma City,” said Griffin Communications CEO David Griffin. “We just think that a television station is better served reflecting our community being in its heart and soul.”

The station will pay more than $25 million for the move, which includes acquiring the Century Center building. Presently, the offices for the newspaper The Oklahoman are housed in the center, but the newspaper will remain a tenant following Griffin Communications’ purchase of the building. 


Griffin Communications has earmarked $10 million for renovations, including adding new broadcast and IT equipment, fiber optics and security upgrades. The station also plans to create the state’s first Media Innovation Collective, bringing together for-profit and nonprofit news organizations, Griffin said.

“I think the message that it sends is that we are committed to being here. We are committed to our communities, and we are committed to making sure our community grows and thrives,” said Griffin. “We’re committed to our employees, too. We want to create a fantastic workplace for them.”