Ohio Station Shows Likely Solution for Stations Sold in Spectrum Auction

By Kevin Eck 

Rumors that Cleveland MyTV affiliate WUAB is going off the air after its bandwidth was sold in the FCC spectrum auction were addressed by cleveland.com telling viewers to “relax.”

Raycom, which owned and sold the spectrum, will move its station to a digital subchannel of CBS affiliate WOIO.

“Just because the WUAB transmitter has been sold does not mean WUAB is going away,” Erik Schrader, vp and GM for both stations told cleveland.com. “In no way, shape or form will the programming you get at your house be going away. The station is not in any danger at all.

It’s estimated around 10 percent of the market watches TV over the air.

“Only those who receive WUAB over the air will be affected by this,” said Schrader. “At some point, and we will be very aggressive about educating people about this, they will need to re-scan their television, which they do from time to time anyway. And I strongly suspect that we will not be the only station pushing people to do this.”