North Carolina Anchor Takes Leave of Absence After Cancer Diagnosis

By Kevin Eck 

WFMY anchor Julie Luck is taking a leave of absence after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

The anchor for the Greensboro, N.C. CBS affiliate said she went in for a routine colonoscopy, “but never expected to hear the word ‘cancer.'”

“The results are surprising since I’m not considered high risk,” Luck wrote on social media. “I have no family history, I don’t smoke, I exercise and I don’t have any symptoms. Thank goodness my husband nagged and nagged me to get the procedure done.”


Luck joined WFMY in 2013 after working at KRON in San Francisco. She said she’s had good and bad days but is “ready to fight.”

“While I’d appreciate a small prayer, the best gift you could give me is to get that colonoscopy you’ve been putting off,” she said. “Or get the procedure done when you turn 45. Early detection is key.”