NJTV Criticized For Not Airing Christie Statement

By Merrill Knox 

NJTV, a WNET-controlled public television station serving New Jersey, is under fire for not televising Governor Chris Christie’s press conference yesterday afternoon.

“Every news outlet in New Jersey and several across the nation were covering this event, and yet New Jersey’s own television station was showing a cartoon,” New Jersey Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan said in a statement.

An NJTV spokeswoman told the Newark Star-Ledger that the station devoted the entirety of their evening news to discussion and analysis of the speech. “We are working towards bringing live broadcasts for pertinent events to our viewers in the future, starting with our upcoming election night coverage,” Debra Falk said.

Until this summer, NJTV was the state-controlled television station of New Jersey. Known as NJN, the station signed off on July 1 after a prolonged battle with Christie and the New Jersey senate, who did not want funds for budget-strapped New Jersey going to the station.