Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Plan Raises Questions

By Andrew Gauthier 


Nielsen’s recently announced plans for a cross-platform ratings system has sparked debate about both the rollout’s timing and exactly what online programs should be included.

The plan, revealed just over a week ago at a client meeting in New York, focused on Nielsen’s creation of a single system for measuring audiences for TV and online long-form video programs by mid-2011.

“We came away from the meeting feeling that there’s support for moving forward with the initiative,” said Sara Erichson, president, media client services at Nielsen. She noted the firm has installed meters in 400 homes and that based on trials, 2011 is a realistic timetable.

But for some, that’s just too long a wait. While people recognize the complicated nature of Nielsen’s plan, they say the company should devote whatever resources are needed to ensure that the system is finished more quickly.

“I think the industry recognizes we needed this yesterday,” said Alan Wurtzel, president, research and media development at NBC Universal. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t sell it.” More…