Nexstar’s New Buffalo GM Adding Jobs

By Kevin Eck 

When Dominic Mancuso took over Nexstar-owned WIVB in Buffalo last month, he began reversing a trend set by his predecessor Rene LaSpina and started hiring staff.

Mancuso told Buffalo News writer Alan Pergament he wasn’t far off in estimating Mancuso has added around 20 to 25 jobs since he started.

“It obviously puts pressure on the people who have to cover and we’re very fast to rectify to that,” Mancuso told Pergament about the positions left open by LaSpina.

“I was just surprised the producers positions were left unfilled, we’ve worked very quickly to rectify that,” said Mancuso. “I was surprised the department head positions were left open – director of sales, news, creative services. We’re rectifying that.”

When he was hired by Nexstar, the company’s svp and Regional Manager Theresa Underwood, said Mancuso “brings to his new role a long term record of transforming operations and achieving outstanding revenue results and market share growth.” Mancuso says he is taking his time in rebuilding the station.

“I am doing a lot of observing,” said Mancuso, speaking generally. “I don’t want to do any rash changing. I want to sit back and take notes get to know the market better and get to know the people better.”

He also says WIVB’s parent company doesn’t deserve its nickname of Deathstar.

“I just think it is crazy and it is not indicative of the company I am working for and their involvement in the community everywhere,” said Mancuso. “Every broadcast company on the planet has had to right-size their businesses. I saw that at Tribune, I saw that at Fox, I saw that at Sinclair, I saw that at Raycom.”