New Technology Shows Viewers Road Map Over Chopper Shots

By Kevin Eck 

Griffin-owned Oklahoma City station KWTV just introduced StreetScope mapping technology which will come in handy for breaking news and severe weather.

“Every street will be labeled, every address on every home will be labeled, ahead of the tornado, behind the tornado,” said the CBS affiliate’s chief meteorologist David Payne.

“I mean it is mind blowing what this can do,” he said.

“My cameraman Ben can zoom into the base of that tornado so now it’s going to show the streets,” said station helicopter pilot Jim Gardner. “And then as we pull back wide, it’s going to start mapping everything out in front of it.”

The technology can also take viewers back in time.

“As we’re flying over that damage where there are some homes gone or damaged or whatever, we can overlay what that looked like an hour ago,” Payne said.