New Jersey Governor Calls Local Media ‘Self-Consumed’

By Kevin Eck 

The New York Times reports, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a swipe at the local media Thursday, calling them “‘self-consumed,’ comparing them to children, and suggesting they are deliberately unfair.”

He made the comments during his monthly radio show after being asked about excluding members of the New Jersey media from a meeting the governor had with the national media.

“Could you find a group of more self-consumed people?” he asked. “On a day like that, they are writing about themselves.”

He added, “Do you think the public cares a whit whether they got into a private meeting?”

The governor said he had recently invited the local reporters to an event. “They didn’t report on that, did they?” he asked the show’s host, Eric Scott. “That would be fair, and God knows we wouldn’t want to be that.”

“If they want to act like children, let them act like children,” he said in a final jab. “That’s the way it goes.”