New Bureau Confuses WSPA Viewers, Makes Them Mad

By Kevin Eck 

Viewers of Spartanburg, S.C. based CBS affiliate WSPA seem a tad confused about how markets and bureaus work after the Media General-owned station announced it was opening a bureau in nearby Greenville.

After posting about the new bureau on Facebook, viewers seemed to think the station was abandoning its studios in Spartanburg and moving everything 30 miles away to Greenville, which is part of the Spartanburg-Greenville-Asheville and Anderson market.

“Why leave your home city?” wrote one viewer, echoing many such comments on three different posts about the bureau. “I thought WSPA was a Spartanburg station.”

Despite the station explaining the new studio by writing “broadcasting from both Spartanburg and Greenville during our nightly newscasts, we’re working to bring our Carolina family together in an innovative way,” viewers were still upset and confused.

“You need to stay in Spartanburg only,” another viewer wrote. “That is what your call sign says. WSPA ( WSpartanburg) Greenville has Channel 4 and Channel 21 Fox”

“We are not leaving Spartanburg,” the station wrote back on Facebook. “We are adding a news studio to our Greenville location. This is where we have been doing Your Carolina and Scene on 7 for years. Our main studio and business offices are in Spartanburg. We also have bureaus in Anderson and Columbia.”

Here’s a Facebook live from WSPA.