Never Mind, Atlanta Anchor’s License Was Suspended

By Kevin Eck 

The original misunderstanding that led to the arrest of Amanda Davis for driving on a suspended license remains a misunderstanding today, but the confusion has shifted from the police back to Davis.

“It was a misunderstanding on my part,” Davis told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

TVSpy would like to apologize for our part in the play. We went with yesterday’s story about Davis getting arrested because the Cobb County computer had bad info and Davis’ license was actually valid when she was pulled over for an expired tag. We called the Cobb County folks and when we didn’t hear back, we went with the story based on info we had saying Davis was in the clear.

Here’s an explainer from the AJC:

She was arrested in June 2015 for driving under the influence. As part of a plea deal with Cobb County in November, 2015, she was placed on a one-year probation and given a limited driver’s license. After 120 days, she would be allowed to get her driving privileges fully reinstated.

She said she didn’t realize this type of reinstatement is not automatic. She would have to actively go to the Georgia Department of Driver Services office and pay $210 in person or send $200 by mail. “I didn’t know that,” she said. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is costly.”

After 12 months since the plea deal, her license status reverted to “suspended.”

So when the officer pulled her over for the expired tag, he saw her license in the computer as suspended.

“The officer did his job,” said Davis. “He was very nice. I didn’t give him a hard time. I just knew I had to go through the process.”

The AJC reports Davis paid her fine and got her license back.

Fox-owned station WAGA reports the Cobb County solicitor’s office says Davis still has to go to court because of the charges.