ND Lets City Know Her Station is Respecting Shooting Anniversary

By Kevin Eck 

Newtown police publicly called out a local TV station for showing up during the third anniversary of Sandy Hook School shootings, yesterday on social media. Trouble was, the PD got the wrong station.

“We also ask for privacy today as we reflect on the tragedy, so far we are happy to report, only one media organization WFSB, has been at different locations in town,” the department originally wrote on its facebook page. “Maybe we can give them a call and ask them to respect our community during this most difficult time?”

WFSB news director Dana Neves made sure the department knew it was New York CBS-owned station WCBS and not her affiliate.

“Hello, This is Dana Neves,” she wrote on facebook. “I am the News Director at WFSB, and with all due respect, this is incorrect. WFSB is NOT in Newtown. As in years past, we have chosen not to come to town, respecting the wishes of the community. I have confirmed that CBS2 New York is in town today. We only knew about this post because you are asking people to call us. It is not us.”

The police later corrected the post and replied to Neves, saying, “maybe you can ask your partner in news media to follow your lead and we really all do appreciate your outlet’s respect, I think we would all appreciate anything you could do for us.”

A WCBS spokesperson told TVSpy the station received no requests from the NPD and said, “WCBS reported on the anniversary with great sensitivity.” A quick check of TVeyes showed WCBS used a couple of shots of signs announcing memorials and a shot of a flag at half staff in its stories about the tragedy’s anniversary.

On December 14, 2012, 20 Sandy Hook Elementary school kids and six educators were killed in what was one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history.