NBC’s Local Stations Look to Partner with Non-Profit News Organizations

By Chris Ariens 

Based on the successful relationship between KNSD-TV and voiceofsandiego.org, NBCUniversal is looking for non-profit news partners for at least five of its other nine owned and operated stations.

“We’re looking for top-notch, non-profit news organizations that can work cooperatively with our local NBC news teams to create unique content for both their own platforms and our news platforms,” says John Wallace, President of NBC Local Media.

Wallace is “looking for outlets that represent a range of diverse communities and viewpoints in the markets they serve.”


NBC owns stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Washington, DC, and Hartford-New Haven.

Here’s what NBC is looking for, how they’ll be judged, and the deadlines:

Organizations interested in applying should have robust news gathering capabilities, a track record of accuracy, fairness and independence in their journalistic efforts, and an ability to provide diverse viewpoints and programming. Requests for proposals specific to each market, together with application forms and more detailed information about the application process are now available at the URLs listed at the bottom of this page. Applications, which will be reviewed by an advisory council that will include NBC Local Media news directors, standards and policy representatives, regulatory affairs executives, and senior counsel, must be submitted by July 22. The company’s goal is identify successful candidates by the end of summer, 2011.

As for how it’s working in San Diego, KNSD’s news director Greg Dawson says, “Since we began working with voiceofsandiego.org in 2006 we’ve collaborated on everything from investigative reporting to news production, and we’ve been able to deliver some great stories through both our broadcast, and voiceofsandiego.org’s news site.”

Click on the links below to apply in these markets:

New York City

Los Angeles




San Francisco

Dallas-Ft. Worth

Washington, DC

Hartford-New Haven, CT