NBCLX Taps Fitness Legend Tony Little to Recruit Poll Workers

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Tony Little, the legendary at-home fitness trainer known for his infomercials, has teamed up with NBCLX political reporter Noah Pransky to produce a PSA to recruit poll workers.

NBCLX, NBC’s local news network geared toward Gen Z and millennial audiences, is trying to connect with young people and encourage them to volunteer time at the polls this November election.

In a parody infomercial, Little promotes the job, which he says helps America “exercise its right—to vote,” while Pransky promotes “stick[ing] to a steady diet of Democracy.”


You can do it!,” Little exclaims in the ad—a reference to his longtime fitness catchphrase.

Pransky, who produced the PSA, said the spot is a not-so-serious reminder about a very serious issue. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has left many polling locations around the country without regular poll workers.

At the end, viewers are reminded that working the polls is a “limited-time offer,” and are directed to go to their local election offices or EAC.gov for more information on how to help.

You can watch the full PSA here.