NBC Picks Up Story on KYW Meteorologist Fat Shamed for Baby Bump

By Kevin Eck 

This morning, NBC’s Today Show picked up the story about Katie Fehlinger, the KYW meteorologist who was being fat shamed for letting her baby bump show on-air.

NBC correspondent Kristen Dahlgren talked about how celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian were also attacked on social media for their bodies changing during pregnancy.

Fehlinger was called a “sausage in casing” by one viewer, another said the meteorologist for the CBS-owned station was disgusting. Fehlinger hit back at the social media haters on her facebook page.


“I know a little about this,” said Savannah Guthrie “People can be really mean. I think that sometimes at home, you watch someone on TV and you’re like “‘Ah, ‘they’re never going to see it’ or ‘they don’t care’ and the truth is it does hurt your feelings.”