National Weather Persons Day Has TV Folk Acting Strangely

By Mark Joyella 

Made-up holidays (when is Bloggers’ Day, anyway?) are greeted with amusing smiles, and, increasingly, some solid joking social media content. And such is the case with today, which is, as you certainly know, National Weather Persons Day. Yes.

In New York, WABC’s N. J. Burkett celebrated by charging into the AccuWeather Center and grabbing meteorologist Bill Evans by the lapels. We don’t know what may have happened next, but this looks pretty bad:

In Norfolk, WTKR anchors Blaine Stewart and Kristen Crowley hit the trifecta with their photo celebrating National Weather Person Day (that’s VIPIReady meteorologist Myles Henderson with the rubber duck), a share-with-friends tub of Nutella for National Nutella Day, and, yes, they are all in a shower together (dressed) to honor National Shower With a Friend Day.

Can you beat that?