Murrow Awards for Investigative Reporting and Hard News

By Andrew Gauthier 


The Edward R. Murrow Awards were presented Monday night, and the following stations were recognized for excellence in “hard news” and “investigative reporting.”

In the large market “Hard News” category, the award went to Houston’s WHOU investigation of “America’s Dirty Little Secret”: the horse slaughter industry. According to the report, 50,000 U.S. horses are transported to Mexico each year to be slaughtered, then sent to Europe and Japan for consumption. Animal rights activists obtained U.S. government photographs of the awful conditions at former U.S. slaughterhouses. (Video here).


In the small market, the “Hard News” award went to Buffalo, New York’s WGRZ‘s interview with former Bills tight end, Kevin Everett, who was injured during a game and temporarily paralyzed. Everett and his surgeon Dr. Andy Cappucino recount the moments immediately after the injury. Everett has made almost a full recovery, and has regained the use of his arms and legs. (Video here).

New England station NECN won the large market’s “Investigative Reporting” award. “The Forgotten Fire” tells the story of a Newton fire that destroyed an office building, and claimed the lives of five tenants in 2000. Through interviews with firefighters and inspectors, the report suggests that building code and fire safety regulations were violated in the lead up to the fire. (Video here).

Southern Colorado’s KOAA was awarded the Murrow for small market “Investigative Reporting,” for a series of reports based on an undercover investigation of the District Attorney’s drinking habits. The report includes undercover video of DA John Newsome drinking about 11 beers in 5 hours, performing job duties, and then driving home in a county vehicle. (Video here).