Murder Revelations Raise Questions on ABC Confidentiality

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Times

Does a journalist’s confidentiality agreement with sources cover footage of an apparent killing?

That is one question raised in an article in the April 5 edition of The New Yorker, where the writer Jeffrey Goldberg reports that ABC showed footage of an alleged killing in Zambia in the 1990s–and did not inform Zambian authorities about the shooting.

An ABC documentary crew was in the Northern Province of Zambia filming Delia and Mark Owens, American conservationists who moved to Africa in the 1970s. While there, the crew filmed the apparent shooting death of a man who was possibly a big-game poacher, a piece of startling footage that was broadcast in 1996 on the news show “Turning Point” under the title “Deadly Game: The Mark and Delia Owens story.” More…