MSNBC Introduces Rev. Jackson as Rev. Sharpton

By Andrew Gauthier 


MSNBC made an embarrassing mistake on Wednesday that was tinged with racial implications and involved a man who isn’t exactly known for forgiving and forgetting. Around 2:30pm EST, anchor Contessa Brewer was managing a segment about joblessness and fair compensation when she welcomed Rev. Jesse Jackson onto the program. The only problem was that Brewer introduced Jackson as “the Reverend Al Sharpton.”

While the screen read “Inequality for all?,” Brewer asked Jackson for his thoughts on “income inequality.” Jackson responded simply, “I’m Reverend Jesse Jackson.” Brewer, immediately aware of the gaffe, quickly apologized, saying, “The script in front of me said Rev. Al Sharpton. I’m looking at your face. I know who you are, Rev. Jackson, we all do. I’m sorry.” (Video here).


Whether it was an oversight by Brewer or an unfortunate teleprompter mistake, it will surely make the internet rounds as an awkward on-camera moment. Gawker ran the story under the headline “They All Look Alike.” In the body of the post, blogger John Cook writes, “Reverends! All reverends look alike.”