Months After Her Newborn Baby’s Heartbreaking Death, Charlotte Anchor Faces Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Charlotte anchor Allison Latos, who recently returned to WSOC after mourning the death of her newborn daughter Hannah just hours after delivery, will be off the airwaves once again. This time, she’ll be undergoing thyroid cancer surgery.

“A few months ago when I was pregnant with Hannah, a viewer reached out to me, concerned about something she noticed on my neck,” Latos said in a video she posted to Facebook yesterday evening. “I mentioned it to my doctor, we had a few checks, everything seemed fine, but after we lost Hannah I decided that I wanted to go to the doctor again.”

Latos was diagnosed with thyroid cancer several weeks ago, she shared in the video. She is undergoing surgery today, and will be absent throughout her recovery from the procedure.


“I have been angry and anxious and scared, worried—all of those emotions over the past few weeks since I learned,” she said. “But my surgeon is really optimistic and positive and so I am choosing to be that way, too.”

Latos thanked her viewers for being supportive over the last several months. The anchor was off the air from May through July after the heartbreaking death of her baby Hannah, her second child.

She also thanked the viewer who called her about the lump. “There is a very real possibility that her phone call saved my life,” she said.

The plan is for Latos to be back to work by next week. We’re keeping her in our thoughts! Her full message is below.

Many thanks and more personal news…I’m staying optimistic in the face of another obstacle.

Posted by Allison Latos on Monday, August 10, 2020