Mitt Romney Gets Frustrated with KCNC Reporter When She Asks Viewer’s Facebook Question

By Andrew Gauthier 

Mitt Romney fielded questions with the poise of a seasoned presidential candidate during a series of one-on-one interviews with Denver reporters on Wednesday, but at one point he became frustrated with KCNC‘s Shaun Boyd when she asked him a question that a viewer had shared on the station’s Facebook page.

After pressing Romney on the issue same-sex marriage, Boyd asked him a viewer’s question about medical marijuana.

“Aren’t there issues of significance that you’d like to talk about?” Romney shot back.

“This is a significant issue in Colorado,” Boyd replied, as Romney tried to shift the conversation to the economy.

Here’s the video (happens around 2:15 mark)…

Romney was still frustrated with Boyd’s line of questioning on Thursday when he went on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show.

“She asked two or three questions about same-sex marriage and civil unions and then about medical marijuana,” Romney told Kilmeade about his interview with Boyd, “and I finally laughed and said, ‘You know, there are some really big issues out there, like if Iran is going to get a nuclear weapon” (audio below).