Minnesota Meteorologist Fights Back Against Baby Bump Shamers

By Kevin Eck 

KAAL meteorologist Cindy Morgan is fighting back after getting “nasty” comments about how she looks on-air now she’s pregnant.

“I have a public job and there are many things that I choose to do, not do or change because of it,” the Austin, Minn., ABC affiliate’s meteorologist wrote on her Facebook page. “But to feel that way about my baby is unacceptable. To have these things said is unacceptable. That goes for me, or for any woman.”

Morgan went on to say she’s not ashamed of her baby bump. “I will embrace my pregnancy and will gladly continue to visually offend those who disagree.”

In a show of support, news director David Springer said, “We here at ABC 6 News support the strong, professional women that work here, especially those who continue to put in all the necessary hours while also being pregnant.”

The station used the issue to draw attention to the larger issue of how women are represented in the media around the world:

Coincidentally, a report released Monday supported by the United Nations agency promoting women’s rights examined the visibility, voice and mention of women and men in the news media in 114 countries and found “a sexism that has endured across decades and geographical boundaries.” The report added that “the media have the potential to be an enabler of faster, more substantive gender equality and women’s empowerment, or a barrier to it.”