Minneapolis Reporter Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

By Kevin Eck 

KARE reporter Boyd Huppert has been diagnosed with cancer.

Huppert, who is known for his storytelling, revealed he has multiple myeloma. He’s worked at the Minneapolis NBC affiliate since 1996.

In an interview with anchor Randy Shaver, Huppert called the diagnosis a “punch in the gut.”


“You try to bargain a little bit, you try to think it’s not real, then acceptance came pretty quickly,” said Huppert.

He told Shaver he went to the doctor after seeing the warning signs: fatigue, nose bleeds, eye floaters from a hemorrhage behind his eye.

“I have a fighting chance because of early detection,” he said. “I’m going to get extra years because of early detection.”

He said he has started chemo and will possibly have a bone marrow transplant early next year.

You can watch his interview with Shaver, below: