Michael Phelps Really Didn’t Want to Talk With Phoenix Station After Long Flight

By Kevin Eck 

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps touched down at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport on Wednesday and was met at the gate by local TV stations.

One station, Phoenix independent KTVK, went live with the multiple gold medal winner’s arrival, but likely forgot to tell Phelps’ PR folks about it.

Phelps played along at first, telling viewers hello in the live shot. But when Marc Liverman followed up with a question about the first thing Phelps’ was going to do when he got home, Phelps told him, and live viewers, he wasn’t answering any questions.


“I’m not answering any questions guys,” said Phelps. “If you could give me that space while I try to get my family home and safe, I would appreciate that.”

Here he is telling KTVK to go away.

Phoenix NBC affiliate KPNX was there as well. The station edited out the denial in its taped piece, but told viewers he was very clear he didn’t want to speak with the media. Check it out.

Here he is at home afterwards.